SR22 Frequently Asked Questions

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People frequently inquire about our SR22 services. We have listed several frequently asked questions and have answered them for you. Whether you have a suspended driver's license or you have a family member that is in need of an SR22 and you need more information about them, Affordable Insurance Agency Of Ohio is here to help.

Some Frequently Asked Questions Include:

What does "SR22" mean?
An SR22 is an insurance form from the state that you need in order to reinstate your license after it has been suspended. At Affordable Insurance Agency Of Ohio, we can provide you with this improtant form.

Who needs an SR22?
If you had your license suspended, then you probably need one. You MUST provide an SR22 certificate to get your license back.

What is the easiest way to get my license back?
You can get a free SR22 quote from Affordable Insurance Agency Of Ohio by providing us with information on the free insurance quote page on this website. From that point, we can handle all the details in getting you your SR22. Please remember, you must currently be eligible to get your license back. If it was suspended and the suspension time is not over, you are not allowed to receive an SR22. If you're not sure if your suspension is over, call the Department of Motor Vehicles and ask for the date that you are eligible to get you license back.

How much does it cost to get an SR22 and auto insurance?
Like all insurance, this depends on your overall driving record. Those with more violations or DUI charges will pay more each month. Affordable Insurance Agency Of Ohio will search for the very best value on auto insurance and SR22 bonds and will try to keep your monthly costs down.

Can't I just get “regular” insurance like I had before?
No. Since your license was suspended, you need to provide special documentation to prove you have insurance. That's what the SR22 is. Only certain insurance companies will issue you an SR-22. Affordable Insurance Agency Of Ohio is one of the companies that will handle SR22 bonds.

We hope that these questions and answers have helped you gain more knowledge about our SR22 services and we hope to help you regain your driving privileges through the professional services we offer.

Contact AA Affordable Insurance Agency Of Ohio at 614-221-7007 or visit us on W. Broad St. for all of your SR22 and auto insurance needs.  

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